Mental toughness is a beautiful thing.

COVID, our broken economy and racial & political tensions have taken over the world, but ladies, it doesn’t have to take over your minds.

I believe women possess tremendous potential to become resilient, high achievers at work, in school and to become healthy and fit despite tough, external circumstances! Unfortunately many fall short of success.
Why? 1. Most women do not 100% believe in themselves. I mean…really, really believe in themselves. 2. Many women lack following a proven strategy to achieve success.

In these unpredictable times – employees and college students are anxious, overeating, over drinking, under sleeping and making bad choices. What will happen if they don’t change their attitudes and behaviors?

I can help. I’m a Navy SEAL certified “Mental Toughness” coach, trained by SEAL Commander Mark Divine and his team in Carlsbad, CA. I teach women in the business and college sectors how to 20X their potential. They develop a
SEAL – like resilience, avoid burn out and learn my gold medal strategies for winning.

Are you ready to 20X your potential?


Did you know that cultivating a resilient, mentally strong mindset and developing “right habits” is the best investment a company or college can make in their female employees and students?
When I developed a positive attitude and practiced productive habits, I became a
gold medal Olympic weightlifter, a successful entrepreneur endorsed by
Oprah, Rachael Ray, Barbara Walters, and am 21 years off of sugar and junk food.

How I went from the gutter to gold medals.


Laura’s message is powerful and deserves to be heard by everyone. She is a charismatic yet humble speaker. One hour was not enough time with her.

Anne Bedinger, Vice President Investments, Raymond James Associates

Our clients were inspired to stay clean and sober by working Laura’s unique mental toughness program. She is an engaging, professional public speaker and genuinely passionate about helping others.

Nicole Behr, Marketing Outreach, Futures Recovery Healthcare, Tequesta, FL

Laura’s Mental Toughness keynote provided a solid solution to solving the nation’s serious problem of obesity. She did so with sensitivity and humor. Laura gave solid evidence-based information to consider and implement.

Dr. Cynthia Guy, Chief of Anesthesiology (retired), Missouri Baptist Medical Center, St. Louis, MO.

Laura’s mental toughness workshops are the real deal. All I can say is….listen to Laura! Do what she says and YES you will get mentally strong and YES you will get lasting results.

Elissa Lejeune, President, the Kiwanis Club, Boca Raton, FL

Laura Eiman energized our audience with her “Mental Toughness” workshops. She taught life long solutions for how to win at our health and wellness. She was professional, funny and gracious.

Melanie Cabot, CEO, Foundation for Women’s Cultural and Economic Literacy, Palm Beach, Florida

Laura’s mental toughness strategies have helped me reset my brain during CoVid to stay positive and strong. Laura is living proof “that anything is possible”, even during a crisis.

Vanessa Arends, C-Suite Corporate Coach

Laura Eiman’s mental toughness workshops are the best investment I have ever made in my health, energy and happiness. Thank you Laura, for helping me lose the weight I could not lose no matter how hard I tried with just diet and exercise.

Hilary Loftus, Healthcare Education Director, HOW Foundation of S. Florida, Delray Beach, FL

Laura did an excellent job coaching all my students in her “21 Day No Sugar Challenges” using her mental toughness tools. They lost weight, gained energy and developed self-confidence!

Candice Tamposi, Head of School (retired, 2020), Sacred Heart School, Lake Worth, FL

Here’s What I Offer

Companies have conducted massive layoffs. Office moral is down. To avoid huge financial losses and stay competitive it’s critical that they train their existing employees how to be resilient, happy, healthy high achievers at work. C-Suite leaders and managers have their hands full and are not equipped to offer this kind of training. I can help.

College students are anxious about getting a job after graduation in this economy, worried about how they will pay off their student debt and are uncertain how to navigate this “new normal” as they begin to live on their own. WOW. That’s a LOT of stress. I can help.

Corporate & College Workshops,
Consulting Contracts

I coach employees and students how to master their fears, adapt to constantly changing environments and be happy, healthy, high producers.  Imagine having more women obtain leadership positions at work and more students getting great jobs, despite tough existing circumstances!

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1:1 Mental Toughness Coaching

All successful people have coaches. How would it feel to lose that “CoVid 15” for good and ramp up your fitness game? How would your life change if you could 20x your potential at work, despite the CoVid crisis? It’s entirely possible with my 1:1 coaching.

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Corporate Keynotes

Trained by Steve Siebold, the top corporate keynote speaker in the country, I travel the country speaking on my solution to CoVid; mental toughness. I leave your team inspired and motivated to be better and do better.

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My services are versatile.

All success starts by developing a positive attitude and following a proven strategy.


CEO Craig Kirsner, Stuart Estate Planning awards Laura with a 5 star Google review for her mental toughness keynote to his clients facing retirement.


Students at Sacred Heart School, FL struggle living with sugary foods. They thank Laura for coaching them through a life-changing “21 Day No Sugar Challenge”.


Laura wins the prestigious Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Award in 2017, as the national “Face of Baby Boomer Fitness”

What is “mental toughness”? It’s not about denying your feelings, sucking it up and plowing through a problem. That’s willpower, cheap fuel that lasts until Thursday. In my mental toughness program you learn how to delete your chronic, toxic emotions and develop a success-based mindset.

Are you ready to win your own gold medals at work, at school, in your health and fitness?