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A gold medal Olympic Weight Lifter, successful entrepreneur and mental toughness coach, Laura Eiman travels the country speaking on “Mastering Your Emotions To Win.”

“What do you want to win at?” shouts Laura from the stage. “To win we must dump our toxic emotions and get mentally tough.”

Laura currently speaks on her solution to obesity. “We are now the fattest nation on the planet.” A bolt of energy onstage, she speaks with honesty and love. “Forget the fad diets and hours on the treadmill. Losing weight and keeping it off begins with developing a success-based mindset. I will show you how.”

Trained by world renown corporate keynote speaker Steve Siebold, Laura speaks to corporations, non-profits, college students.

Laura has devoted her life to helping others become mentally strong to win at whatever they want in life. “I landed in life’s gutter due to decades of sinking’ thinkin’. Once I became mentally tough, I started winning in all areas of my life. If I can do this, so can you!”

Laura’s “Workshops To Win”

Laura offers her workshops to corporate employees, non-profits, college students. Based on Navy Seal principals, Greek philosophy and olympic athlete training protocols, her workshops provide a solid game plan for how to master your emotions to win at weight loss, getting rid of your student debt fast, landing that dream job, increasing your job performance.

I offer no snake oil, no woo-woo, wishful thinking schemes.” says Laura unapologetically. “My program is reality based and takes time. But the payoff is tremendous.”

Click on the “Services” tab for more workshop information.

Laura Eiman is an amazing mental toughness weight loss coach and a joy to work with! I was desperate to lose weight and had tried everything. Because of her coaching and effective “tips”, in two months I lost 9 pounds! Her coaching was one of the best investments I have ever made in my health, energy and happiness. I will keep this weight off as I have adopted her Mental Toughness techniques as part of my life. Thank you, Laura. I could not lose on my own, no matter how hard I tried with diet and exercise.

Hilary Loftus, Healthcare Education Director, HOW Foundation of S. Florida, Delray Beach, FL
“Anyone can lose weight. That’s called will power. Clients apply my mental toughness techniques to keep the weight off for good. It’s simple but it’s not easy. If it were, America wouldn’t be the fattest nation on the planet. That is why you need my coaching.”

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No sugar for 18 years? Winning an Olympic Weightlifting gold metal at age 63? Talk about mental toughness! Hearing Laura speak in Maine inspired me to ramp up my health and wellness game so I can enjoy my family and run my business until I’m an old man.

Jon Webel - Age 52., Owner, Mailings Unlimited, Portland Me.
My 40 middle school girls are exposed to junk food and sugar 24/7. Laura spent a month coaching them on her mental toughness strategies to say no to these toxic foods. As a result they lost weight, gained energy and best of all … developed more self-confidence!
Candice Tamposi, Principal, Sacred Heart School, Lake Worth, FL
Laura spoke to my Kiwanis club with smarts, passion, humor. Everyone loved her. Laura’s solution to weight loss is the real deal. Coach with her, do what she says to get mentally strong and YES! you will get lasting results. Thank you Laura for this truthful, much needed solution.
Elissa Lejeune, President, the Kiwanis Club, Boca Raton, FL
I’m an elite CrossFit athlete and a super busy executive. This 64 y/o woman kicked my butt when I heard her speak in Boston She got me thinking mentally tougher so I can do better in the gym and at my stressful job. Laura’s right about our obesity problem; this national nightmare is caused by our own limiting attitudes and beliefs about ourselves. Her answer to it is spot on. Change begins inside.
Jeff Tardiff - Age 30., Quality Assurance Specialist, uniQure Co. Boston, MA
Laura Eiman
Sign up today for a complimentary Mental Toughness Weight Loss Coaching session.

Laura offers results-oriented workshops on “Mastering Your Emotions To Win”, to groups of 10+. This is a powerful way to jump start your mental toughness program with the support of a group. They are fun and effective. Call Laura today for more information on booking workshops at your company or organization.

A PASSIONATE KEYNOTE SPEAKER, Laura travels the country speaking on mental toughness. She speaks with honesty and intelligence to corporations, college students, non-profits. Her topic:
“Master Your Emotions To Win.” Contact Laura today for more information on how she can educate and inspire your group.

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