I’m an ordinary woman now doing extraordinary things because I got mentally tough.

I’m a 69 year old mental toughness coach, helping ambitious working women who are burnt out, regain control of their lives.

If I can win, so can you. I will teach you how.

Laura Eiman Gold Medal Olympics

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Mental toughness is a beautiful thing.

The world is a very broken place right now. The pandemic, Ukraine, ongoing systemic racism, and economic uncertainty has caused despair and chaos in our personal lives, our families and at work.  Now more than ever, working women are feeling the pressure to “do it all”. We are working long hours hoping to be considered for that promotion, trying to be Super Mom to compensate for the guilt of never being home enough, working weekends to make up for kid chores during the week….

WOW. I’m exhausted just thinking about this.

I do not believe anyone can “do it all”.  Women try to but they end up feeling guilty for not being “Super-Woman”, are anxious, resentful, and exhausted. They have no time for ourselves and experience little or no peace and joy in their lives. One client said to me “Fun? What’s that?”

Is this you? Do you feel stuck and tense?

Ladies – what our culture expects us to do is INSANE. Are you being pulled in so many directions that you have lost your mojo? Do you have zero stamina, unsuccessful at setting boundaries and taking care of yourself? Are you overeating, under sleeping and have gained the Covid15 (or 50)?

I can help. Creating a sane, balanced, productive life begins with teaching you my proven strategy learned from studying the mindsets of Navy SEALs and Olympic athletes.  “I’m not doing enough. I feel guilty working so hard and neglecting my family. I’m not qualified to lead my teams at work, etc.) are thoughts that MUST GO! I will coach you proven strategies for how to develop a winning, “Oh Yes I Can” Navy SEAL mindset. 

Portrait Of Laura Eiman
I was a mental weenie for decades until I got mentally tough. Then I started winning in many areas of my life.

“Laura’s message is powerful and deserves to be heard by everyone. She is a charismatic yet humble speaker. One hour was not enough time with her.”

Anne Bedinger

Vice President Investments, Raymond James Associates

“Laura’s mental toughness strategies have helped me reset my brain during CoVid to stay positive and strong. Laura is living proof “that anything is possible”, even during a crisis.”

Vanessa Arends

C-Suite Corporate Coach

“Laura is hands-down the best coach I’ve ever worked with. As a female leader in the tech world at Cisco, she helped me improve myself, my leadership skills and to lead high-performing teams. Laura’s practical, insightful, and highly accountable approach has helped me elevate my performance and that of my team. “

Reed Kojic

Senior Director / HR Cisco

“Laura’s mental toughness workshops are the real deal. All I can say is….listen to Laura! Do what she says and YES you will get mentally strong and YES you will get lasting results.”

Elissa Lejeune

President, the Kiwanis Club, Boca Raton, FL

Laura Eiman Gold Medal Olympics

I could never have won this gold medal in Olympic Weightlifting at age 64, if I didn’t believe in myself and follow Navy SEAL mental toughness strategies.

No matter how chaotic and unpredictable these times are, you can live a balanced, sane, joyful life.

Why we get stuck:

1. Executive women are such high achievers, but many secretly do not 100% believe in themselves.  Last week one C-Suite client confided in me: “No matter how hard I try, I feel like I never do enough at home for my kids. And at work I bust my butt yet worry that my boss will not consider me as qualified as my male peers to lead my teams because I leave at 5PM for “mom time”.  Fear, resentment and the Impostor Syndrome creeps in.”

2. Women rarely follow a proven strategy for how to win at work and in their personal lives. Most are simply too tired and just react to the next task in front of them. No successful person has ever won at anything without following a proven strategy!

I understand. For decades I was exhausted trying to be all things to all people. I was overeating on sugar and junk food to tune out all kinds of pain. Today I lead a balanced, joyful life because I got mentally tough.

Why Laura?

I’m a Mental Toughness coach, trained and certified by Navy SEAL Commander Mark Divine and his team in Carlsbad, CA. I coach exhausted working women how to develop a SEAL – like mindset and develop the habits of an Olympic athlete so they can put themselves first, avoid burn out, say “No”, and regain their health and wellness.

Are you ready to trade in your tired, anxious self, regain your health and stamina, experience joy with your family and have a sane, productive career?

Laura Eiman Gold Medal Olympics
Certified Unbeatable Mind Coaching

How I serve women

1:1 Coaching

Are you a busy executive working long hours by day and taking care of everyone else except yourself by night? Do you feel you have lost your sanity and stamina, have gained that Covid 15 (or 50) and are trying to “do it all”? Are you ready to make lasting changes in your personal and professional life so you can have more joy and less insanity?

I am a radically different kind of coach, who will lead you way beyond just setting goals and being held accountable.

In my 1:1 coaching program you will learn my 4-step mental toughness program for how to think like a Navy SEAL and develop the habits of an Olympic athlete. How would it feel to do a complete reset? I will show you exactly how to put yourself first, delete all that toxic self-talk, say “No” to what is not important, develop resilience and start living a healthy, sane, balanced, fulfilling life!

Please do not buy into the false narrative of trying to be super woman. Your sanity and physical health, your personal dreams, and your family’s welfare is at stake.

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Group Coaching

I offer a unique group coaching program for high achieving women who want to do a massive reset in their lives. 

Eight dedicated women come together for eight weeks to learn how to think like a Navy SEAL and develop the habits of Olympic athlete so they can live sane, productive, fulfilling lives.

Growth at the group level is one of the most powerful ways to create lasting change. How would your life change if you learned to put yourself first, regained your stamina, dumped the guilt and those destructive “I’m never enough” feelings? What would your life be like if you lost that excess weight for good, and set clear, more consistent boundaries to become an effective leader at work and a loving leader-mom at home?

It’s entirely possible.
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Did you know?

… that cultivating a mentally strong mindset and developing “right habits” is the best investment a woman can make in herself?

When I got mentally tough 21 years ago, I started to win in all areas of my life. I became calm and confident and started doing cool stuff like winning a gold medal in Olympic weightlifting, receiving endorsements from Oprah, Rachael Ray, Barbara Walters for my small business, and kicking the sugar and junk food habits for good.

I want the same for you. 

Laura Eiman Gold Medal Olympics