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Food. Fitness. Finances.
Happy topics! Or at least they should be.

Unfortunately, most women in America today feel anxious about their bodies and bank accounts. Overweight and living paycheck to paycheck, they feel like failures for not attaining the lifestyle they see on social media. A constant stream of toxic thoughts about their health and wealth prevents them from living prosperous, productive, happy lives.

But, you don’t have to live this way.

A mental toughness advocate for women, Laura travels the country raising the bar on how they think about food, fitness, and finances. She gives keynote speeches and conducts workshops for women at colleges and corporations, teaching her proven 4-step “Navy Sealette” program. Women learn how to live less like victims of their weight, their poor health, and their debts, and more like CEOs of their lives. They delete the harmful self-talk and replace it with strategies and action steps to transform themselves from average to extraordinary.

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Laura’s mental toughness program is not about sucking it up to get the job done. That’s called willpower—a temporary fix. Her program will teach you long lasting strategies with just a few minutes of practice each day. You will start to gain control of your thoughts and emotions
to gain control of your life.


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My 40 middle school girls are exposed to junk food and sugar 24/7. Laura spent a month coaching them on her mental toughness strategies to say no to these toxic foods. As a result they lost weight, gained energy and best of all … developed more self-confidence!
Candice Tamposi, Principal, Sacred Heart School, Lake Worth, FL
Laura spoke to my Kiwanis club with smarts, passion, humor. Everyone loved her. Laura’s solution to weight loss is the real deal. Coach with her, do what she says to get mentally strong and YES! you will get lasting results. Thank you Laura for this truthful, much needed solution.
Elissa Lejeune, President, the Kiwanis Club, Boca Raton, FL
Laura captivated our Life Enrichment audience. She taught us that women hold the key to our health and wealth, through our thoughts and beliefs. Laura is a charismatic yet humble speaker who motivated our audience to take responsibility for themselves. We want to book Laura for a full mental toughness workshop. One hour was not enough time with her on my own, no matter how hard I tried with diet and exercise.
Anne Bedinger, Vice President Investments, Raymond James Associates
Laura Eiman


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