Today’s Concern

COVID, racial tensions and our broken economy have taken over the world,
but it doesn’t have to take over our minds.

Women are struggling to win these days. The current state of the world has many of us super anxious. We’re on-edge, overeating, under-exercising, and under-producing at work. 

It’s taking a large toll on our mental health too. But you can overcome this toxic state of mind and take back control of your work productivity, health, and fitness! I will show you how you can start winning in your life again.

Have you ever considered that caring for your mental health and cultivating “right habits” is the best investment you could ever make in yourself?  

Here’s What I Can Offer You

My mental toughness program is not about white knuckling it through a problem. That’s willpower. Willpower is foolish. It has no strategy, is unhealthy and doesn’t last, says Laura in her workshops. I teach my PROVEN, gold medal strategies to get you winning at work, at your health and at your fitness.

Look below for a service that fits your needs.

Corporate & College Workshops

 How could your business improve if your employees developed a mental toughness mindset to stay productive and healthy while working from home?


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1:1 Mental Toughness Weight Loss Coach For Women

Anyone can lose weight. But most can’t keep it off. I focus on teaching long term mental toughness strategies to keep the weight off for life.


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Corporate Keynotes

I’m not a motivational speaker that’s all talk. I’m a dynamic speaker that’s walked the walk. Want an engaging speaker who leaves your team with a gold medal strategy for winning in all areas of their lives?



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My services are versatile.

No matter what your challenges are, all success starts by developing a positive attitude about yourself and following a proven strategy.


CEO Craig Kirsner, Stuart Estate Planning awards Laura with a 5 star Google review for her mental toughness keynote to his clients facing retirement.


Students at Sacred Heart School, FL struggle with living on sugary foods. They thanked Laura for coaching them through a life-changing “21 Day No Sugar Challenge”.


Laura wins the prestigious Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Award in 2017, as the national “Face of Baby Boomer Fitness”

My mental toughness program is not about gritting your teeth to get through another day. That’s willpower, which never lasts. I will teach you how to develop a powerful “Oh Yes I Can!” mindset so you can win at whatever you put your mind to.

My Testimonials

I am honored by these words of appreciation from past clients:

I had the privilege of hearing Laura Eiman’s talk at a fundraiser. She has the amazing ability to handle a very challenging topic – the health issue of obesity with sensitivity and humor. She also gives her audience solid evidence based information to consider and implement. Hopefully I’ll get the opportunity to hear her again in the future.

Dr. Cynthia Guy, Chief of Anesthesiology (retired), Missouri Baptist Medical Center, St. Louis, MO.

AlI can say is….coach with Laura! Do what she says and YES! you will get mentally strong and YES! you will get lasting results. Laura spoke to my Kiwanis club with smarts, passion, humor. Everyone loved her. Laura’s mental toughness solution to women’s struggle with weight loss is the real deal. Thank you Laura for this truthful, much needed solution.

Elissa Lejeune, President, the Kiwanis Club, Boca Raton, FL

Laura is a skilled mental toughness weight loss and fitness coach. She did an excellent job coaching all my middle school students in her “21 Day No Sugar Challenges”. She taught them how to develop a success-based, mentally tough mindset to avoid the tsunami of toxic foods they are constantly exposed to. When doing Laura’s workshops they lost weight, gained energy and best of all, developed more self-confidence! Laura was a tremendous asset to Sacred Heart School.

Candice Tamposi, Head of School (retired, 2020), Sacred Heart School, Lake Worth, FL

Laura Eiman is an amazing mental toughness weight loss coach and a joy to work with! Because of her skilled coaching and mental toughness strategies, in two months I lost 9 of the 11 pounds I wanted to lose! Her mental toughness weight loss workshops are one of the best investments I have ever made in my health, energy and happiness. Best of all, I will keep this weight off as I have adopted her 4 step Navy Sealette mental toughness techniques as part of my life. Thank you Laura, for helping me lose the weight I could not lose on my own, no matter how hard I tried with diet and exercise.

Hilary Loftus, Healthcare Education Director, HOW Foundation of S. Florida, Delray Beach, FL

Laura captivated our Life Enrichment audience. One hour was not enough time with her! She taught us that we personally hold the key to our health through our thoughts and beliefs. Laura is a charismatic yet humble speaker who motivated our audience to take responsibility for themselves. We want to book Laura for a series of mental toughness weight loss and fitness workshops. Her message is powerful and deserves to be heard by everyone.

Anne Bedinger, Vice President Investments, Raymond James Associates

We were thrilled when Laura agreed to come speak to our recovery community. Our clients were very inspired by Laura’s story about overcoming the health issues she experienced in life and how her unique mental toughness program and determination resulted in a gold medal and thought leader she is today. Her message was very welcomed and refreshing. Our clients who are working on their own personal paths of growth and hearing Laura’s advice encouraged them to keep working on their goals. I highly recommend Laura, who is not only an engaging, professional public speaker but also genuinely passionate about helping others, which is easy to tell by her connection with everyone she talks to. Thank you for everything, Laura!

Nicole Behr, Marketing Outreach, Futures Recovery Healthcare, Tequesta, FL

Laura Eiman delivered her “Mental Toughness” program to our Foundation for Women’s Cultural and Economic Literacy membership. She was polished, professional and energized the audience with effective solutions for health and fitness issues. Laura was funny and gracious. We will certainly be inviting her back!

Melanie Cabot, CEO, Foundation for Women’s Cultural and Economic Literacy, Palm Beach, Florida

Ready to start thinking like a Navy SEAL and winning like an Olympic athlete at your job and your health, while working from home?