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“I WAS NOT ALWAYS A WINNER. A sugar addict and junk food junkie for 45 years, I shouldn’t be alive today” says Laura Eiman.  “My epitaph would have read ‘Death by donuts and Dove Bars.’  I was sick and depressed. Desperate, I began studying Metacognition, the Navy Seals, Greek philosophers and olympic athletes. I developed and practiced a unique ‘4 step Navy-Sealette Mental Toughness’ program. The result? I started winning in all areas of my life.”

  • A mental toughness expert and professional keynote speaker, Laura partners with corporations, speaking and conducting workshops on “Mastering Your Emotions To Win at Weight Loss.” Laura was trained by the nation’s top corporate keynote speaker Steve Siebold. www.steveontv.com
  • A successful entrepreneur for 15 years, Laura’s products have been endorsed by Oprah, Rachael Ray, Barbara Walters on TV and in 7 national magazines. www.picpads.com
  • Laura is 19 years abstinent from sugar and processed foods. She won a gold medal in Olympic Weight Lifting  at the 2017 Pan Am Games @ age 64.

“I’m an ordinary person now doing extraordinary things, wanting the same for you!”

When not speaking and doing workshops, Laura conducts free “life skills” workshops to recovering heroine addicts, teaching them her mental toughness tools so they can win in all areas of their lives. She practices Transcendental Meditation, yoga and CrossFit to stay stay tough, physically and mentally.

Laura Eiman

Laura is a mental toughness expert working with corporations, promoting a sustainable solution to obesity. Laura gives keynote speeches, conducts workshops and master classes on how to get healthy thru mental toughness. Contact Laura to request her promotional video showcasing her programs and to collaborate on how you can partner with her as an advocate helping to end obesity.

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