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About Laura Eiman

TALK ABOUT TOXIC EMOTIONS! I was a mess. I was not always a winner. In fact, I was a loser for years. A sugar junkie for 45 years, I was overweight and depressed. To make things worse, I was a constant whiner. My destructive “I can’t” attitude put me in the gutter mentally, spiritually, physically, financially. Desperate, I began studying winners – Navy Seals, Babe Ruth, Oprah – their values, attitudes and habits – and incorporated their strategies into my life. I rose out of my mental muck, left the cruel, negative self-talk behind, got rid of the sugar and toxic food and started to win in all areas of my life.

Mental Toughness expert Laura Eiman is living proof that you can win at anything you put your mind to!

A SUGAR ADDICT since the age of 5, Laura used her mental toughness skills to kick the habit. Laura has been 100% sugar-free for 18 years.

At age 63, Laura started lifting barbells to ward off osteoporosis. By staying mentally tough, she became Olympic Weightlifting’s 2016 Masters FL state champion and won a gold at the 2017 Masters Pan Am Games. Laura has qualified for the Olympic Weightlifting world championships twice.“Sometimes I have to pinch myself, because I can’t believe I’m now a world champion weightlifter. I am an ordinary person, now living an extraordinary life.” .

WITH NO FORMAL BUSINESS SKILLS, Laura launched a gift product in her spare bedroom. Replacing “I can’t” thoughts with positive action steps, Laura’s products received endorsements from Oprah, Rachael Ray, Barbara Walters, Kathi Lee and Hoda on TV and in 7 national magazines.

“If I can win in all these areas of my life by mastering my emotions, so can you!”

“I’m just an ordinary person now doing extraordinary things. I did so by mastering my emotions to win.”

LAURA SUCCESSFULLY COACHES CLIENTS via weekly phone calls on how to lose weight and get fit FOR LIFE. Her innovative program consists of first getting one’s thoughts and attitudes right, eliminating toxic emotions and delusional thinking and accepting 100% accountability for their success.

A PASSIONATE KEYNOTE SPEAKER, Laura travels the country presenting her solution to obesity. With honesty and intelligence she speaks to  corporations, civic clubs, churches and special interest groups. A bolt of energy on stage, she delivers her topic “Master Your Emotions To Win At Weight Loss”. Book her today to speak to your group.

Daily Laura practices Transcendental Meditation, vinyassa and yin yoga. Her biggest passion in life is horseback riding which she does 2x a week.“Don’t deny yourself what you love to do. Life is too short. Find the time!”  Passionate about helping others in need, Laura conducts her “Life Skills” workshops to recovering addicts, giving them practical tools to win in life.

Laura Eiman
Sign up today for a complimentary Mental Toughness Weight Loss Coaching session.

Laura offers results-oriented workshops on “Mastering Your Emotions To Win At Weight Loss”, to groups of 5+. This is a powerful way to jump start your mental toughness program with the support of a group. They are fun and effective. Call Laura today for more information on booking workshops at your company or organization.

A PASSIONATE KEYNOTE SPEAKER, Laura travels the country presenting her solution to obesity. She speaks with honesty and intelligence to corporations, civic clubs, churches and special interest groups. Her topic:
“Master Your Emotions To Win At Weight Loss.” Contact Laura today for more information on how she can educate and inspire your group.

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