How do I get that heavy barbell
over my head?
It’s 80% mindset, 20% muscle.

Meet Laura

I wasn’t always a winner. Heck, I was a loser for decades.

A sugar addict and junk food junkie for 45 years, I shouldn’t be alive today. My epitaph would have read “Death by doughnuts and Dove Bars.”

Twenty-two years ago, overweight, newly divorced, without direction and unemployed, I began studying the mindset of Navy SEALs, Olympic athletes, and Greek philosophers. I developed a unique mental toughness program to overcome my negative attitude, lack of direction and life-threatening sugar addiction for good. Wow, did I get results!

Today, I believe if you really want success in your life you must go outside your comfort zone and do hard things. At age 68, I am 22 years of all sugar and junk food, mentally strong and vibrant. I am winning in many areas of my life because I consistently stay in a Navy SEAL, solutions-based mindset and I do hard things daily, with an “Oh Yes I Can” Olympian attitude. 

I want the same for you. 

A Certified Mental Toughness Coach

For two years I trained with Navy SEAL Commander Mark Divine and his team (located in Carlsbad, CA) to earn my “Unbeatable Mind” coaching certification.  Commander Divine’s program has helped me 20X my coaching and fitness skills to serve you even better!

Certified Unbeatable Mind Coaching

Being mentally tough has a huge ROI!

  • I’m 22 years sugar-free (and junk food too). I have the energy and stamina of someone half my age.
  • Won a Gold medal in Olympic Weightlifting and qualified for the world championships twice, (ahem…at age 64).
  • My small business was endorsed by Oprah, Rachel Ray, and Barbara Walters.
  • All Google 5-star reviews for my workshops, 1:1 coaching and keynotes.

    A little more about me:

    • I took Flying Trapeze lessons in 2021, for fun and to stay mentally strong and confident. (Standing on a three-foot kitchen stool is SHEER TERROR to me.)
    • I’m an avid practitioner of transcendental meditation and breath work – fundamental for living a calm, confident life.
    • I CrossFit and swim on a USA Masters swim team.
    • I’m a passionate Yogi – namaste!
    • On my cheat day, I devour blue corn chips, guac and an IPA craft beer. Mmmmmm….
    • My fave rock band ever – Allman Brothers.
    • First on my bucket list – visiting all of America’s national parks.
    Actually, I lied.
    I am not 100% sugar-free.
    Here are three sweets I devour often:
    “Mr. Almond Joy”, my grandson Archie.

    Grandson Abie, my delicious “Dove Bar”.

    “Cookie”, my rescue dog.

    I proudly support the Navy SEAL Foundation.

    I’ve been a passionate follower of the Navy SEALs for 22 years. The most elite fighting force in the world, they have executed some of the highest risk, no-fail operations in history. A few have been publicized, but the vast majority remain unknown to the public. I am deeply grateful to this elite team of warriors for keeping America and my family safe.  For more information visit