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You CAN make a difference in this broken world!

How do you react after listening to the evening news at night? Do you run for another drink, grab a pint of ice cream, spend another wasted hour scrolling thru social media? In my mental toughness program we accept the current state of affairs, feel the rage, the despair, the hopelessness...for about 3 minutes. THEN [...]

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No More Excuses!


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Who Do You Love?

Do you ever ask yourself: Who inspires me? Who gets me all juiced up? Who do I want to be like? I love the GOAT, Tom Brady,  the greatest QB of all time. I study everything I can about his winning mindset. And then I copy it.  Is there a neighbor, an athlete, a famous [...]

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Track Your Wins!

Do you constantly beat yourself up for failing to hit your goals? Oh Puhleeze! ENOUGH. Time to stop that nasty habit. Instead, spend 90 seconds listening to this week's Mental Toughness message, that offers a helpful solution.

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A Quick Remedy For Anger

June 20, 2020: Today I woke up so angry about racism. So angry about Covid and the loss of lives. So angry over the massive uncertainty. Sometimes I get so tired of being mentally tough, staying positive and taking the next right action step. What to do? Realize I’m tired and need a reset. Are [...]

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