Barbells 4 Boomers

Hello fellow baby boomers! “Sex, drugs and rock n’ roll”, our mantra in the 60’s went out of style long ago. Today feeling fit and fabulous are in and I want to help you get there. My goal is to inspire YOU! my fellow boomers to become healthy and fit by putting down the donut and picking up a dumbbell. Contact me today for a speaking engagement or personal coaching!

“Like” my Barbells 4 Boomers Facebook page today and follow me for informative,inspirational posts on how to become the very best version yourself. After all, we’re going to live another 25+ years. How do you want to live your 25? If you want to begin a strength and conditioning program, but are unsure how to start, read my blog for help. Click here to like my Facebook page.

Barbells 4 Boomers

Boomer Wendy L. of West Palm Beach, FL is an inspiration to all.

“It’s never too late to become better. Strength is beautiful. I lift to be stronger. I work out to stay younger.”

Laura Eiman


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