Barbells 4 Boomers

Hello fellow baby boomers! “Sex, drugs and rock n’ roll”, our mantra in the 60’s went out of style long ago. Today feeling fit and fabulous are in and I want to help you get there. My goal is to inspire YOU! my fellow boomers to become healthy and fit by putting down the donut and picking up a dumbbell. Contact me today for a speaking engagement or personal coaching!

“Like” my Barbells 4 Boomers Facebook page today and follow me for informative,inspirational posts on how to become the very best version yourself. After all, we’re going to live another 25+ years. How do you want to live your 25? If you want to begin a strength and conditioning program, but are unsure how to start, read my blog for help. Click here to like my Facebook page.

Barbells 4 Boomers

Boomer Wendy L. of West Palm Beach, FL is an inspiration to all.

“It’s never too late to become better. Strength is beautiful. I lift to be stronger. I work out to stay younger.”

Laura Eiman

Laura is a mental toughness expert working with corporations, promoting a sustainable solution to obesity. Laura gives keynote speeches, conducts workshops and master classes on how to get healthy thru mental toughness. Contact Laura to request her promotional video showcasing her programs and to collaborate on how you can partner with her as an advocate helping to end obesity.

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