Before You Quit…

How many times do you feel discouraged and ….just wanna QUIT? Sick and tired, angry, frustrated, wondering what the heck you are DOING it for? Last month I wanted to put down the barbell for good. I was burnt out mentally and physically. But instead of killing all my dreams of competing at the World [...]

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One Thing You Shouldn’t Buy This Holiday Season

Don’t buy into the holiday delusion that it’s OK to binge on egg nog and Christmas cookies today, believing you will begin that new diet on 1/1. It’ ain’t gonna happen. Why? Lasting change isn’t dictated by some date on the calendar. Lasting change begins by developing healthy mental habits. Lasting change begins by saying [...]

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Getting Started: Part 2 of a 3 Part Series

Steps to getting started. These could be life changing . So, we'll unpack it and do it step by step. This is the second of a three part series about getting started on reaching your health & fitness goals. Before starting a fitness program to reach your goals, it's important to check with your physician [...]

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Strength Training is for Everyone!

“The only true disability is a negative attitude.” Your eyes roll upwards. “Laura doesn’t get it. This “strength training thing”… this “weight lifting whatever”… is for ex-marines, for hard body Millennials. Besides, I have a frozen shoulder, (or a bad back, or I’m exhausted from the recent death of my father)”  you say. I hear this all the [...]

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