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Need Some Winning In Your Life?

Check out my two minute mental-toughness video tips. Move beyond your stinkin’ thinkin’ and become a winner at whatever you put your mind to.

Track Your Wins!

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Do you constantly beat yourself up for failing to hit your goals? Oh Puhleeze! ENOUGH. Time to stop that nasty habit. Instead, spend 90 seconds listening to this week's Mental Toughness message, that offers a helpful solution.

A Quick Remedy For Anger

By |June 24th, 2020|Categories: Uncategorized|

June 20, 2020: Today I woke up so angry about racism. So angry about Covid and the loss of lives. So angry over the massive uncertainty. Sometimes I get so tired of being mentally tough, staying positive and taking the next right action step. What to do? Realize I’m tired and need a reset. Are [...]

This is what my meat and potatoes diet looks like!

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50% veggies + 25% animal protein (or nuts, seeds, legumes) + 25% healthy fats. Ya gotta go for the greens ladies. It's the magic potion for translucent skin, more energy and beautiful hair. It's the richest fertilizer you can sprinkle on your cells. Eat them. Drink them. Repeat. Then enjoy a deee-lish portion of grass [...]

Two words that will help you win at weight loss.

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When I was 60 years old, I heard two words that changed my body (forever!) and lead me to win a gold medal: functional fitness. Do you want to increase your energy, feel amazing, create a beautiful body that you never dreamed was possible, lose weight and keep it off for good, boost your metabolism, [...]

How do you get thru a huge challenge?

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There is nothing more beneficial to your self-esteem and your health than facing a problem head on and coming through the other side, 100% victorious! Are you struggling with scary challenges and not sure how to get through them? How would it feel to rise to the challenge, crush them and come out the other [...]

Before You Quit…

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How many times do you feel discouraged and ….just wanna QUIT? Sick and tired, angry, frustrated, wondering what the heck you are DOING it for? Last month I wanted to put down the barbell for good. I was burnt out mentally and physically. But instead of killing all my dreams of competing at the World [...]