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Now more than ever, women need to become mentally tough.

Hi. I’m Laura Eiman. A mental toughness coach, I teach women in the corporate and college sectors (and individuals) how to move beyond their fears to win at whatever they put their minds to. How would it feel if your women started to think and produce like Navy Seals, Olympic athletes and Greek philosophers? Currently I am training with Navy Seal Commander Mark Divine to get my “Unbeatable Mind” certification.

Corporate & College Workshops

Is CoVid 19 hurting your employees’ motivation and confidence? Has productivity decreased with your staff working from home? Are your students struggling to learn remotely?

Ready to do something about it? I teach female employees and students my proven 4 step mental toughness program based on the mindset of Olympic athletes and Navy Seals. My strategies won me a gold medal in Olympic Weightlifting at 64, endorsements from Oprah and Rachael Ray, and I am 20 years off of sugar!

I want the same for your women. I will teach them my strategies on how to win, especially during CoVid.

What’s Different About Laura’s Mental Toughness Workshops?

Most business workshops do not address mindset or a provide strategy for lifelong results. They teach “Tips”, “How To’s” and “You Should’s”, which never last. In my program, women learn how to develop a solution-based mindset and work my gold medal strategies.

The result: Higher productivity, job satisfaction, confidence, motivation, better team players.


  • 1.5 hour “Foundations” workshop, Laura’s signature program.
  • 20+ follow-up workshops @ 30 minutes, digging deeper into Laura’s strategies to reach and maintain job / academic success.
  • Laura’s Mental Toughness Manual is available upon request.
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Laura’s Mental Toughness Manual is your blueprint for winning.

1:1 Mental Toughness Weight Loss Coaching for Women

Are you struggling with yoyo dieting? Do you dream about running a 5K but have no energy? Have you tried every diet and failed?

I get it. I have been there. Fat, sick, and depressed, I gave up sugar and processed foods 20 years ago by changing my attitude and getting mentally tough. Today, in my 60s, I have a healthier body and happier mindset than I did in my 20s.

I want the same for you! How would it feel to win at weight loss and fitness for good?

What’s Different About Laura’s 1:1 Coaching Program?

Anyone can lose weight. That’s easy. But most people fail to keep it off for two reasons: 1. They don’t believe in themselves. 2. They lack a proven strategy.

My program is based on 20 years of studying the habits of Olympic athletes and the Navy Seal mindset. I will teach you the same winning strategies that won me a gold medal in Olympic Weightlifting, endorsements by Oprah and Rachael Ray, and kept me 20 years off sugar.

Are you ready to:

  • Keep the weight off for life, even during crises, holidays, vacations?
  • Gain higher levels of fitness?
  • Have energy all day long, fewer mood swings, sleep better?
  • Stay motivated, feel happy and confident?

How It Works:

  • 3, 6, or 9 month coaching packages.
  • One 30 minute Zoom call per week, PLUS texting support.
  • Laura’s Mental Toughness Manual.
  • Relevant articles and books to read.

What will happen if you don’t make a change today? Do you want another year (or 10) of feeling and living the way you do now?

View an excerpt of Laura’s Mental Toughness Manual HERE.

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Laura’s Mental Toughness Manual is your blueprint for winning.

Corporate Keynotes

Laura’s passion is health and wellness for women. Pre-CoVid she traveled the country speaking on her mental toughness solution to obesity in entertaining, powerful keynotes to corporations and colleges.

Laura was trained by Steve Siebold (steveontv.com), the top professional corporate speaker in the country, who counts Johnson & Johnson, Toyota, and Procter & Gamble among his clients.

TODAY – during CoVid Laura offers Keynotes via Zoom. 

Companies: How would your workplace improve if your employees heard Laura speak on mental toughness to win weight loss and get healthy? Would they experience greater productivity, job satisfaction, better teamwork, more energy and less sick days?

Colleges: How would campus life change if your students achieved better grades, higher self-esteem, deeper sleep and richer relationships?

College athletic coaches: Would wins increase if your athletes competed with greater confidence, more focus on teamwork and greater drive?

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Laura receives the prestigious Bill Gove Workshop certification from Steve Siebold in 2017.

Want to work with me to become mentally tough and stay productive while WFH?