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The most valuable leadership skill in our modern world is COACHING.

Rapid, constant, and disruptive change is now the norm, and what succeeded in the past is no longer a guide to what will succeed in the future. Twenty-first-century managers simply don’t (and can’t!) have all the right answers. Harvard Business Review, Nov/Dec ’19

Corporate & College Workshops, Contracts

I had a C-Suite executive tell me this summer “It’s a terrible time to be human”.

In today’s VUCA world (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous), it’s impossible for leaders to do their jobs and coach employees on how to develop resilience, manage stress and avoid burn out. They simply don’t have the time or training .

I teach women how to adapt to VUCA and a constantly changing work environment. First they learn how to replace their negative thoughts with a positive mental attitude. Then they learn how to live every day in a productive, “solution – based” mindset, despite the external turmoil. I set them up to be healthy, high producers.

What’s Different About My Mental Toughness Workshops?

Most programs fail to change a person’s mindset nor do they teach strategy! They dole out tips and “how-to’s”  that anyone can find on the internet. These are temporary, external solutions.

You can’t fix the outside without first fixing your insides. My participants learn how to self – motivate, how to be resilient and never quit so they can thrive, especially during CoVid.

I’m excited to help your ladies 20x their potential:

  • 1.5 hour “Master Your Emotions To Win” workshop –  my foundational program.

  • “Growth Series” workshops – reinforce my foundational workshop with this bundle of  12 or 24 programs

    that help women become high achievers at work. 

  • Corporate / college contracts – There are no silver bullets. Developing a success based mindset takes time. As an independent contractor, I coach 1:1 and group mental toughness classes, teaching participants my strategies to 20x their potential, hit their goals at work and stay in great health. Yes, even while working from home!
  • “Mental Toughness Manual” – my 4 step mental toughness program, in hard copy or .PDF

CoVid isn’t going away any time soon. What will it cost your company (college) if you don’t help your employees (students) get mentally tough today?

Yes! I want to work with you!

Laura’s Mental Toughness Manual is your blueprint for winning.

1:1 Mental Toughness Coaching

My neighbor Celia told me this fall “I’m angry at everyone and everything. I want to climb in bed, eat bread and watch TV.”

Sound familiar? Are you over eating and under producing these days? Struggling with bad moods, no motivation, little sleep? Do you reach the end of the workday and have no energy left to exercise and eat well? I get it. I’ve been there.

How would your life change if you could:

  • Crush the CoVid blues, develop motivation, learn resilience and lose the “CoVid15”  for good?
  • Maintain a regular fitness schedule and feel amazing?
  • Have energy all day long, be productive at work, have fewer mood swings and sleep better?

 What Makes My 1:1 Coaching Program Different:

Most coaches focus on external To Do’s; They tell their clients what diet and fitness program to follow, conduct weekly accountability calls and weigh-ins.

I teach strategy! I never tell clients what they should do, how to eat or how to workout. (Heck, throw the scale out if you want!) I teach the same winning strategies that won me a gold medal in Olympic Weightlifting, endorsements by Oprah and Rachael Ray, 5 star coaching reviews and a sugar-free 20 years.

What will happen if you don’t invest in yourself and another year (or 2) flies by?

What I offer:

  • 3, 6, or 9 month coaching packages.
  • 30 minute Zoom calls each week, plus unlimited texting support.
  • My Mental Toughness Manual.  You’ll never have to question what you’re supposed to do next, even after our time together is finished.
  • Relevant articles and books to read.

View an excerpt of Laura’s Mental Toughness Manual HERE.

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Laura’s Mental Toughness Manual is your blueprint for winning.

Corporate Keynotes

I have traveled the country sharing my winning secrets in anecdotal, relatable, and powerful keynotes to corporations and colleges.

TODAY – during CoVid Laura offers Keynotes via Zoom.

I’m not here to give your employees, athletes, or students a motivating speech that employs no real strategy, that makes them feel good for an hour. My tried-and-true methods allow my strategies to manifest into real-life, long-term solutions that permanently change the way people think.

The room will not only leave feeling like they’re ready to crush their day-to-day lives, but also allow them to achieve greatness, productivity and motivation in their work life, home life, relationships, by employing a unique perspective on life, health, and wellness- which translates into winning for you, too.

My experience shines in corporate keynotes, college life, and collegiate athletics building from the training received by Steve Siebold, the top professional corporate speaker in the country, with clients like Johnson & Johnson, Toyota, and Procter & Gamble under his belt.

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Laura receives the prestigious Bill Gove Workshop certification from Steve Siebold in 2017.

Ready to manifest your true winning-self while working from home, in your mind and body?

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