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Laura volunteers her time coaching middle school girls on how to become mentally tough and kick the sugar habit. Her #ohyesican! program was a huge success at Sacred Heart School, Lake Worth, FL – January, 2018.

Your success is my highest priority. Contact me today for a complimentary 30 minute coaching session.

“I am deeply committed to helping you become mentally tough so you can take the weight off and keep it off for good. Sometimes I cannot believe how good my life is. I want the same for you and it all begins with taking excellent care of ourselves. Follow my program and your life will radically change for the better.  A bonus: my mental toughness skills will set you up for success at work, in your marriage, raising a family, growing older.

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Laura’s three mental toughness coaching principals:

  • Accountability: acknowledging that you are the problem and you are the solution.
  • Commitment: 100% participation in the diet and fitness program of your choice, that Laura approves of.
  • Coachability: Allowing Laura to coach you using her tough-love, no excuses, approach.

“For my overweight clients, 90% of their fitness program is diet. Hours on the treadmill will not change poor eating habits or lose the weight for good. Taking my mental toughness coaching program will.”

Laura also conducts her popular workshop “Set The Table For Successful Weight Loss” to groups of five or more.

Laura received her Mental Toughness Weight Loss© coaching certificate with world renown corporate mental toughness expert, Steve Siebold. He has been successfully coaching Fortune 500 companies and personal weight loss clients for over 30 years on how to succeed and win, using mental toughness techniques.

Laura uses Steve’s book “Die Fat or Get Tough” in her coaching practice. Steve has been interviewed all over the world on this powerful weight loss book. Watch www.steveontv.com to view dozens of his book tour interviews.

“I was the biggest mental weenie out there, living a mediocre life with low standards and no joy. Today I’m healthy, successful and having fun. My greatest passion is to help you lose that weight for good and to be confident, productive and joyful in all areas of your life too. Are you ready? If so, contact me today and let’s get started.”

Laura Eiman
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Laura offers results-oriented workshops on “Mastering Your Emotions To Win At Weight Loss”, to groups of 5+. This is a powerful way to jump start your mental toughness program with the support of a group. They are fun and effective. Call Laura today for more information on booking workshops at your company or organization.

A PASSIONATE KEYNOTE SPEAKER, Laura travels the country presenting her solution to obesity. She speaks with honesty and intelligence to corporations, civic clubs, churches and special interest groups. Her topic:
“Master Your Emotions To Win At Weight Loss.” Contact Laura today for more information on how she can educate and inspire your group.

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