The health and fitness industries lack
a key ingredient to win
at weight loss and exercise:
mental toughness!

Companies: How would your workplace improve if your women experienced greater productivity, job satisfaction,
better teamwork, more energy and less sick days?

Colleges: How would campus life change if your female students achieved better grades,
higher self-esteem, deeper sleep and richer relationships?

College athletic coaches: Would wins increase if your athletes competed with greater confidence, more focus on teamwork and greater drive?

Laura’s presents speeches and her proven 4 step mental toughness workshops
to help women develop a success based mindset
so they can win at their weight loss, fitness and competitive goals.
When women get fit and healthy the results are powerful.

Let’s discuss how I can help your group of women win.
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Trained by Steve Siebold (, a top professional corporate speaker who counts Johnson & Johnson, Toyota, and Procter & Gamble among his clients, Laura presents her motivational speeches and workshops all over the county.

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Laura encourages her fellow Baby Boomers to pick up a dumbbell in ESPN 106.3 /WPTV Channel 5 News’ segment in May 2017.

Laura appears on the WPBF Channel 25 News in April 2017, inspiring people of all ages to get active no matter their fitness level.

Laura’s 21-day no sugar challenge at Sacred Heart Catholic School in Lake Worth, FL was a huge success.

Laura Eiman Palm Beach Illustrated

“In the June 2017 issue of Palm Beach Illustrated, West Palm Beach resident Laura Eiman, a 63 year old competitive weightlifter proves you can win at whatever you put your mind to.” – Senior Editor, Liz Petoniak

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Laura Eiman Healthy Living

Laura is the cover story in The Palm Beach Post’s Healthy Living magazine, December 2016.

Olympian Laura Eiman

Hailing from CrossFit 1401, in West Palm Beach, FL, Laura inspires Baby Boomers to get fit and healthy in the Sun-Sentinel’s Young@Heart, October 2016 magazine.

Laura teaches WPBF 25 News Anchor Stephanie Berzinski how to perform a proper squat, a fundamental move in functional fitness.

Laura Eiman Gold Medal Olympic Weight Lifting Champion

Laura appears on South Florida’s WPTV evening news in September 2016 spreading her message about inspiring fellow Baby Boomers to improve their lives through exercise and proper nutrition.

Champion of Barbells 4 Boomers Movement

The Embrace Your Strong Project’s blog : Meet Laura Eiman: Champion of Barbells 4 Boomers Movement .

Laura Eiman Lifting Barbells

Laura shares her journey reconnecting with transcendental meditation in an article published in Enjoy TM News.

Laura Eiman Maharishi Award

Laura wins the prestigious 2017 Maharishi Award at the Transcendental Meditation Center of Boca Raton, FL, for serving as an outstanding example of health and wellness to her fellow Baby Boomers.

Laura Eiman Press

Ryan and Sean of The Web Creative Group, video Laura as she qualified for the 2017 Olympic Weightlifting Nationals.

Click here to watch Laura.

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