Last year I was so fried…

….from working 24/7 and watching the news, that a friend suggested I do something radically different. “You need to go to flying trapeze camp!” she said.
Radical is right. I’m terrified standing on a kitchen stool.
It was scary, fun and challenging and helped me reboot mentally and physically.

Are you trying to hang on and do it all?

Are you slowly losing your grip and have no safety net to catch you?

Your solution may not be to swing 28 ft. above the ground, but
ya gotta take some crazy, radical steps to stop the insanity. 

Perhaps you are struggling with some of these scenarios listed below:


You are burned out, have no work/life balance and it’s killing you: Your health is suffering; you have little energy and no time for yourselves or your kids. You feel guilty and end up working harder.


Struggle to set boundaries, can’t say “no” to things that aren’t important and “yes” to more “YOU!” time and family.


Suffer from the Impostor Syndrome at work: You are in an exciting management role but GULP! lack basic leadership/people skills to lead your team to success.


You’ve gained the “Covid15” (or 50), have no energy, have zero motivation, feel stuck and secretly have low self-esteem.


A people pleaser, you worry about what others think of you. You fear being labeled as harsh or “b*!#chy” when you speak up about something important.


Can’t turn work off. Exhausted, you take your cell phone to bed.


Poor time management skills. You allow your company and family to suck up all your time.

May I send you my complimentary
“Tips For Burnout” mental toughness manual?

You do not have to live with all this stress.

As a certified Mental Toughness coach and gold medal Olympic weightlifter (yes, at age 64!), I coach women how to think like a Navy SEAL and develop the habits of an Olympic athlete so they can lead sane, balanced, lives. And dare I say have joy and fun too!

I am a different kind of coach: I do not believe women can do-it-all. I believe women can lead satisfying, joyful lives without killing themselves.  I help women reclaim their health and wellness and teach them how to develop what I call a “mentally tough” mindset: mastering their emotions, deleting those crippling, guilty thoughts, putting themselves first, setting clear boundaries.

If this resonates with you, I’d like to send you my complimentary “Tips For Burnout” mental toughness manual. It contains my five favorite tips that Navy SEALs and gold medal Olympiads use to manage burnout and live sane healthy lives while achieving successful missions on the battlefield and winning gold medals.

Wouldn’t it feel great to regain your health and stamina, create more fun, “me-time”, develop a balanced, feel-good work schedule, while being productive? It’s entirely possible!

Ladies, I offer no snake oil, no “Easy” buttons or incense, no quick fixes. Just five proven tips from the greats on how you can begin to develop a winning mindset. Enter your info below now and then look for some strength in your inbox.

I ALWAYS get my body and mind in the right mindset
before I start a practice or competition.

– Simone Biles; winner of 32 Olympic and World Championship gymnastic medals

Radical self-care is the greatest gift you can give to yourself.

You serve no one by being anxious and under so much pressure all the time. Rehabbing from any kind of burnout means getting rest and developing a new mindset and habits.
And jeepers ladies, you must have some FUN in your lives too!

Talk about being under so much pressure… during my first week at flying trapeze camp
I was so terrified that I really, really, really wanted to quit.

So, I went to work:
I got into a Navy SEAL mindset
and crushed the fear.
I also pretended I was an Olympic athlete (so fun!) taking a swing
for that gold medal.

It was so rewarding to master my fears. I came home refreshed and more confident.

To kick burnout in the butt, ya gotta stop swinging from one negative fearful thought to another. Ya gotta make some radical changes in your life. I can coach you on how to rest and recoup your health, and develop a mentally calm, confident, tough mindset to reboot your life.

Laura Climbing Ladder
Laura Jumping Off Platform

Victorious warriors win first in their minds
and then go to the battlefield,
while others go to the battlefield hoping to win.

-Warrior Sun Tzu

Perhaps you’d like info
on my 1:1 coaching.

Have you done the therapy, are ready to make big changes in your life and want custom 1:1 coaching? Do you want to learn SEAL- like strategies for how to put yourself first and become the leader of your life? No more saying “yes” to everyone, putting yourself last, blaming others for your burnout (you heard me girl!), and living a life of joy and balance?

Are you ready to get unstuck and start winning more?
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