Winning begins first in your mind.

Even with a safety net below, I was terrified to swing 28 feet above the ground.
How did I do it? Before every class, I deleted my negative self-talk and replaced it with
a positive, “oh yes I can!” mindset.

Corporate workshops.

World affairs continues to create uncertainty and chaos for everyone and it’s not going to end soon. The best way for your female employees to handle constant change in the workplace to thrive and get promoted, is to get mentally tough. Learning resilience, stress management, staying motivated, setting boundaries to become healthy and fit is essential to stay productive and happy. 

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A Navy SEAL “Unbeatable Mind” certified coach, I teach women how to replace their anxious, worrisome thoughts with a positive mental attitude and to come to work or class in a confident, “solution – based” mindset.

What’s Different About My Mental Toughness Workshops?

Most programs fail to change a person’s mindset, nor do they teach strategy! They dole out tips and “how-to’s” for success that anyone can find on the internet. These are temporary, external solutions. You can’t fix the outside without first fixing your insides. Lasting success, real productivity and satisfaction at work (yes even in these chaotic times) begins first with changing one’s mindset and habits.

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1:1 Mental Toughness Coaching

How would your life change if you could 20X your potential at work and at home, despite the chaos going on around you? How would it feel to lose that “Covid15+” for good, ramp up your fitness game, feel amazing and start winning more in your life? It’s entirely possible with my 1:1 coaching.

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Life can be very hard. Life is not a “Do It Yourself” program.

All successful people have coaches because they know this.

How would your life change if you could:

  • Delete your worrisome, anxious (destructive!) emotions and replace them with a positive, solution-based mindset so you can start winning in your life?
  • Crush the CoVid blues, develop motivation, learn resilience and become unstoppable?
  • Set bold, exciting goals for your career and go after them with confidence and guts?
  • Lose the “CoVid15+” for good and take your fitness to the next level?

Why Me?

I am a Navy SEAL certified “Unbeatable Mind” coach. I will teach you the same winning strategies that got me a gold medal in Olympic Weightlifting, endorsements by Oprah and Rachael Ray, 5 star coaching reviews and being sugar-free 21 years.

What will happen if you don’t invest in yourself and another year (or two) flies by?

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Corporate Keynotes, College Graduations

I’m not just another motivational speech that makes people feel good for an hour. I share my tried-and-true strategies (and entertaining stories) that permanently change the way people think, and help them 20X their potential.

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Your participants will not only leave feeling like they’re ready to win in their day-to-day lives, but to also achieve resiliency, productivity and motivation in their work life.

I trained with Steve Siebold, the top professional corporate speaker in the country (boasting clients like Johnson & Johnson, Toyota, and Procter & Gamble). The result? 5 star Google reviews. My keynotes are perfect for corporate sales meetings, women’s leadership conferences, college graduations.

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