Are you an exhausted working mom who is burnt out trying to do it all?

Learn how Navy SEALs and Olympic athletes beat burnout and live healthy, winning lives.
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Laura Eiman has been studying the mindsets of Navy SEALs and Olympic athletes for 20 years. She went “from the gutter to gold medals” by implementing their attitudes and habits.

Are you a successful executive struggling to maintain a work/life balance without much success? Are you feeling guilty all the time?


Are you pleasing everyone else except yourself? Can’t say “no” to less important matters to create more “me- time”?


Do you feel stuck, have zero motivation and have Impostor Syndrome?


Can’t turn work off: Overwhelmed, do you take your cell phone to bed at night?


Do you have poor time management skills? Do you allow your company and family to suck up all your time?


Is your health is suffering? Do you have little energy, are overeating and under-sleeping? Have you gained the “Covid15” (or 50)?


Do you suffer from the Impostor Syndrome at work: You are in an exciting management role but don’t feel worthy?

Ladies, you do not have to live this way! I can help.

My 15 page guide is packed
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to help you get relief right now from burnout, restore your stamina and establish a more balanced life. Yes, while still being productive.
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In my manual you will learn:
Five essential tips Navy SEALs and Olympic athletes use to master their emotions so they can succeed on the battlefield and in competitions.
My personal gold medal tips for how to put yourself first, say “no”, be resilient in tough times, and never give up on yourself.
Powerful mental push-ups you can start doing today to become mentally stronger and gain more peace and joy in your life.

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“Laura is hands-down the best coach I’ve ever worked with. As a female leader in the tech world at Cisco, she helped me improve myself, my leadership skills and to lead high-performing teams. Laura’s practical, insightful, and highly accountable approach has helped me elevate my performance and that of my team.”

Reed Kojic

Senior Director of People and Communications, Cisco.

About Me
I’m a certified Mental Toughness coach and a gold medal Olympic weightlifter (at age 64!). I am a different kind of coach: I teach women literally how to think like a Navy SEAL and develop the habits of an Olympic athlete in my proven 4 step mental toughness program.
I wasn’t always a winner. In fact, I was a mental weenie for decades! Newly divorced with two young children, I was broke, and trying to be a “supermom”, doing it all. I failed miserably at it. I was anxious, fearful and had a quitter’s mindset.

Today I’m winning in many areas of my life because I think and act like a Navy SEAL and an Olympic athlete. I want the same for you.

“I am so grateful that I participated in Laura’s Mental Toughness group coaching program. She helped me identify my negative thoughts and how to flip them into positive ones. With her coaching I successfully navigated a demanding tax season, maintaining a positive mental attitude and balance. Her Mental Toughness mindset strategies have become second nature for me. I am more at peace and happier than I have been in 20 years. Thank you Laura.”
Jennifer Christiansen, CPA

Managing Member, Safe Harbour Consulting, LLC Jupiter, FL

Last year I was so burnt out from working 24/7 and watching the news, that I decided to do something radically different and fun to reboot: I went to flying trapeze camp. (Radical is right. I’m terrified standing on a kitchen stool.) It was scary and challenged my mental toughness. But I came home every day feeling energized, confident and refreshed.

Your problems may not be solved by swinging 28 ft. above the ground, but ladies, we must take radical steps to stop the insane, stressful lives we are living. I can help. Sign up for my free mental toughness manual today.