I believe becoming mentally tough is the most powerful way a woman can increase her self esteem and win at weight loss and fitness.

Laura Eiman is an inspiring motivational speaker,
a mental toughness weight loss coach for women and gold medal Olympic weightlifter.

Laura offers 1-1 coaching, group coaching and workshops by cell or Zoom.

Most coaches put you on the scale, tell you what to eat
and do a weekly accountability call.
That doesn’t work.
Book a complimentary coaching call with me today
and learn what can work for you.

A sugar addict and junk food junkie for 45 years, I shouldn’t be alive today.
My epitaph would have read “Death by doughnuts and Dove Bars.”

In 2000, overweight and desperate, I began studying metacognition, the mindset of Navy Seals and Olympic athletes. I read Greek philosophy.
From all I learned, I created my unique 4 step “Navy Sealette” mental toughness program, to beat my sugar addiction and junk food habit.

Wow did I get results!
I left my sugar and junk food habits behind and started winning.
I want the same for you.

“95% of my heavy lifting is done by my mind, not by my muscles.”

How would you like to be coached by a woman who:

Got off all secondary sugars and processed foods for good, 19 years ago?

Received endorsements from Oprah, Rachel Ray, and Barbara Walters for her
at-home business www.picpads.com ?

Won a gold medal in Olympic weightlifting and qualified for the world championships twice, at age 64 (after just 18 months of training)?

Became a professional keynote speaker, despite having never spoken in public?

Laura cares as much about your health as you do!
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Want to work with me to become mentally tough, lose weight for good and win at fitness for good?

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Nothing makes me happier than to help women become mentally tough. When I am not giving keynote speeches and workshops, I teach recovering heroin addicts how to start winning in all areas of their lives. I practice transcendental meditation, yoga and masters swimming. I also enjoy cooking and spending time with my grandson Archie.

Laura Eiman


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